Corporate Goals 2022

Company Policy

Generating growth, promoting innovation, and reducing waste – with creativity and quality awareness.

The benchmark for of our company’s success is the satisfied customer.

To achieve this success, we have set ourselves ambitious goals and defined these key tasks:

  • We satisfy the customers of our high-performance products and service with innovation, fast response to customer requirements, cost-effective solutions and services
  • All employees are committed to implementing the wishes of the customers in a professional and committed manner – so that they delight both external and internal customers with their performance and actively contribute to the overall customer satisfaction. Our core tasks concentrate on intelligent technologies, quality, market-driven price, quantity and adherence to delivery dates.
  • Our management system helps us take into account the requirements of all the relevant stakeholders, take measures to meet these requirements and check their effectiveness.
  • In order to ensure our high quality standards, we assess the risks and opportunities of our products and production processes to develop the necessary improvements.
  • Through Kaizen activities, we want to promote the creativity of our employees, make processes lean, short and transparent in the interest of the customers, as well as achieve continuous improvement of products, procedures, services, and processes.
  • We ensure that our organisation maintains and develops its expertise in line with the latest requirements.
  • Our quality culture extends to our customer and supplier organisation, giving us a competitive edge and consolidating our leading position.

We assure you that we will tackle and achieve the goals we have set ourselves in a dedicated manner, that we will apply the described procedures appropriately, and that we will live up to our quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO50001.

January 2022
Plant manager Thomas Vosseler

Supplier’s reliability on-time delivery on the confirmed delivery date
> 98 % (2022)
Customer complaints/Customer PPM
< 150 NET PPM w/o hardware (2022)
Production reject rate/cost of poor quality (scrap)
< 0.17 % scrap cost / revenue (2022)
Supplier Performance
< 1.300 PPM DPME (2022)
< 1.000 PPM DPMI (2022)

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