Tradition at EBERLE Controls spans 85 years

Proven quality, modern technology and a long tradition in room temperature control

Traditional brands are living testimony to the fact that individual companies have operated in the market for decades with prudence and experience through in the course of an eventful economic history. Today, Eberle is one of the most outstanding traditional German brands – and Eberle Controls can look back on 85 years of successful company history. Founded in 1932 by Dr. Phil. Otto Eberle, the company quickly developed from the first specialist company for industrial relays in Europe to a manufacturer of industrial and bimetal temperature controllers. In the mid-1960s, Eberle Controls expanded its business fields and began developing and producing relays for electronic and household appliances. The Nuremberg-based company was the first in the industry to introduce electronic units for control units. Eberle Controls expanded its existing sales structures and opened up new distribution channels via the electrical wholesale trade. At the same time, the company began to develop export markets for heating and air-conditioning controllers.

Optimised production
Today, the traditional company is part of the internationally operating Schneider Electric Group – a leading supplier of components, product and system solutions for household appliances, air conditioning and security – with Eberle making effective use of the group’s worldwide sales structures. A further advantage of this strategic partnership is that in addition to its own development activities, Eberle Controls has access to international development know-how through the parent company. In Nuremberg, the focus is on intelligent solutions for temperature regulation, air-conditioning, and controlling in the field of building services. In addition to the desired comfort, the primary goal is saving valuable energy. Eberle Controls offers a variety of reliable, powerful and easy-to-use products, some of which are also available as customer-specific OEM variants. The “Made in Germany” production is carried out at the site in Nuremberg on a production area of 8000 m². Here, more than 150 employees work in two shifts to produce the reliable room temperature controllers, climate controllers and switchgear.

The optimized production process is based on a new manufacturing system: The production layout in the production area was changed from a ‘batch and queue’ to U-shaped production lines with a ‘one piece flow’. The respective RTY (Rolled Throughput Yield) is measured during the individual production steps and separately for each production line. In this way, all work steps can be checked and, if necessary, optimized while the production is ongoing. A current date code on each production device also ensures the traceability of individual batches.

Striving for continuous improvement
A central part of the corporate philosophy of Eberle Controls is continuous progress in all areas while actively involving our employees.

To achieve this goal, a trained Black Belt coordinates all process-relevant measures and improvements in Kaizen projects that ensure Six Sigma quality. In addition, the company strives for the highest possible level of supplier’s reliability. The optimisation of the workflow has made a significant contribution in transforming Eberle Controls into a flexible company adapted to the requirements of modern markets. This includes optimised stock keeping.

In 2010, Eberle Controls invested considerably in automation. This made it possible to further improve the high quality standards and to secure increased production by the same number of employees. The positive business development in the past year confirms this success. Thanks to the good consumer climate, Eberle Controls can look to the future with confidence.


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