RTR Slimline – small yet powerful. The new mechanical temperature controller.

At the light+ building 2020, EBERLE Controls will premiere the new RTR Slimline for the first time on a joint stand with Schneider Electric.
ebe_home_l_b_mannIn addition to its well-known app-controlled Smart Heating System "Wiser", EBERLE Controls is also bringing a new mechanical room temperature controller to Light + Building 2020 – the streamlined RTR Slimline. Moreover, for the first time EBERLE Controls will be exhibiting together with its parent company Schneider Electric and its other brands Merten and Ritto in Hall 11.1 during the world’s leading trade fair in Frankfurt.

The new RTR Slimline combines powerful performance with discrete aesthetics in a mechanical room thermostat based on bimetal technology. The small powerhouse from EBERLE Controls convinces not only with its performance, but also with its visually simple, slender design. With a very low installation height of only 18.5 mm, it can be easily integrated into various living and office environments. The temperature scale on the controller is easy to read, and the screw on the rotary adjustment knob is firmly fixed by a threaded insert – so it can’t get lost.

Its high switching capacity allows a current of 5 amps even for heavy component loads – without voltage drops or even damaged regulators. The bimetal solution works purely mechanically and is highly reliable, because the thermal feedback enables very high precision – similar to electronic control technology. The RTR Slimline also saves energy and heating cost, yet it costs less than electronic or smart control systems. RTR Slimline is currently available in five different versions with these additional options: temperature reduction, on/off switch with indicator light for heating operation and temperature reduction, additional cooling function as well as equipped with a switch for heating/cooling switchover.

Incidentally, the supposedly unimportant lower section of the controller housing does fulfil two key functions: it makes installation easier and provides a more attractive appearance: Thanks to four fixing holes, the room thermostat can be attached to the flush-mounted box in a stable manner (with four screws instead of just two) – or even more flexibly if needed: If the four screw domes of the flush-mounted box do not meet the (usually) only two mounting holes of the controller, mounting it completely straight is possible only with great effort. Four mounting holes therefore make an optimum installation possible – regardless of the orientation of the flush-mounted box. To make give it elegance when wall-mounted, the RTR base is also slightly larger, so that the flush-mounted box is always securely covered and does not require an adapter frame.

Conclusion: RTR Slimline is the perfect solution for both installers and users. It manages a high current flow effortlessly, has a visually appealing design, protrudes less than 2 cm from the wall and is energy- and cost-efficient. For the installer it is particularly easy to install and for the end customer very simple to operate.

rtr-slimline_produkteNew from EBERLE Controls: the mechanical room thermostat with bimetal technology. With an installation height of 18.5 mm and a high switching capacity, the simple and streamlined regulator is particularly powerful. RTR Slimline is available in five different versions with optional functions such as temperature reduction or heating/cooling switchover.

EBERLE Controls at the Light + Building 2020:
Hall 11.1, booth D56.

More information about EBERLE products is available from
EBERLE Controls GmbH
Klingenhofstrasse 71,
90411 Nuremberg/Germany
Phone +49 911 56 93-277

Mrs Teubner is available to answer any questions.

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