The latest terminal strips

Quickly and securely wired in no time

With the terminal block series EV from the control technology specialist EBERLE Controls, electro-thermal actuators for water-operated heating systems with room temperature controllers can be wired quickly and easily within the heating manifold. The advantages: Saving of time, simplified mounting on the top hat rail without screwdriver, and clear arrangement in the heating manifold. No more tangled cable bundles that are unsightly and make troubleshooting much more difficult.

Product variations for additional functions
With the plug-in 6-channel distributor strip, one room thermostat with several actuators can be installed per channel – for a maximum of 14 per strip. A range of product variants of the terminal strip family offer additional functions in the heating system: For example, the model EV 230 H/K has a separate input for automatic heating/cooling changeover. This is done centrally by an external signal, for example from the heat pump. Special product variants have an additional input for hygrostat or dew point sensor, individual rooms can also be easily excluded from cooling. Also available are distribution strips with a clock function for creating time profiles for lowering the temperature separately for the rooms.
They have a pump logic function as well. This switches off the pump automatically as soon as all valves are closed. The additional pump protection activates the pump every 24 hours, thus ensuring that it does not get stuck. Thanks to special extension modules, all variants can be equipped with a pump logic function.

All distribution strips are available for 24 V or 220 V actuators.

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