Smart Home even easier – with the Wiser Starter Kit Lite from Eberle

Straightforward and affordable: Eberle’s new starter package makes intelligent heating simple

Regulate the temperature conveniently and efficiently via app or voice control: Thanks to the intelligent Wiser heating system from Eberle, this has become ever so easy. The Starter Kit Lite consists of a radiator thermostat and the Wiser Heat Hub, which acts as a central control unit. With minimal financial and technical effort, users can install this basic equipment themselves, put it into operation and, if necessary, expand it flexibly at any time. The control works via the free Wiser Heat App, available for Android and iOS, or via voice control with Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Google Home. Thanks to personal absence profiles, individual control of individual rooms and intelligent features such as geofencing, users always enjoy the optimum temperature in all rooms – and can save heating costs as well.

With the Starter Kit Lite, users can try out intelligent heating in one room and discover the advantages of the Smart Home. Once the product has convinced the user of its convenience and efficiency, it can be easily extended to the whole house with additional thermostats. It also allows people living in smaller spaces, such as students in dormitories, to regulate the room temperature via their smartphone.

Do It Yourself: A Smart Home with only a few simple steps
Unscrew the old radiator thermostat, attach the intelligent Wiser thermostat and plug the Heat Hub into the socket: The installation is so simple, anyone can do it The Wiser Heat App then guides you through the installation step by step. If the system is to be expanded in future, additional thermostats are easy to integrate. The multi-zone control system Wiser controls up to 16 zones, such as closed rooms or open areas, in parallel. Thus, the living room can be heated to a comfortable 22 degrees, while the bedroom is at the recommended 17 degrees. Whether family home or one-room flat: Wiser components can be combined to suit any living environment.

Tech tricks for more comfort and efficiency
Unwanted waste of energy is a thing of the past: The Ecomode feeds local weather data into the temperature control. When Wiser detects open windows, the heat output is reduced accordingly. The location of the residents is included in the so-called geofencing, so that the heating starts automatically when you reach your home. Once all family members have left the house, the ‘Away mode’ reduces the heat output. The app documents temperature curves in a heat report, allowing users to adapt the app settings and time profiles to their personal habits. The necessary IT security is guaranteed by state-of-the-art security certificates, encryption technologies, and regular free software updates.

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